Yoga Rugs

IMG_4838After four hours of yoga every day for seven weeks, I fell in love with the cotton yoga “rug” that I was given at my yoga teacher training course in northern India. Normally a staple of the Ashtanga Mysore yoga practice and across India, yoga rugs are not commonly seen here in the U.S. which I find to be quite a shame! So I’m bringing them to the US, straight from the birthplace of yoga itself.

IMG_4843These rugs are woven over a ten-day period; the love and craftsmanship that goes into them is visible in the texture and intricate weaving. They’re 100% made of cotton, meaning they’re washing machine-friendly. Perfect for Bikram or heated yoga, the rug is sweat-absorbent and actually becomes easier to grip the wetter it gets. Unlike our normal plastic mats here in the US that encourage lazy and improper placement of the feet and hands, these yoga rugs build proper alignment by requiring a conscious grip. Practice on a yoga rug and you’ll find your overall balance, core strength, and focus to have improved dramatically! (click to enlarge photos)

IMG_4894Use the rug over your plastic mat for studio practice, or for meditation at home. If you want to use the rug directly on wooden studio floors, ask me about the non-stick liner I use with mine – I’m happy to ship that as well!

Take your yoga practice to the next level by using the original, “true” yoga rug of India!

Colors: red, blue, camel, dark brown, olive green.

Price: $48, plus $6 shipping in the continental US.

Email me with any questions or issues: Enjoy! 🙂